Kiyoaki Takeda

1982 Born in Kanagawa Prefecture,Japan

2007 Completed the Master Course, Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of East London

2008~18 Worked at Kengo Kuma & Associates 

2018 Established Kiyoaki Takeda Architects

2019 KASIMA Award for "House with 6 annex" at SD Review 2018

2019 ~Associate Professor at the Graduate School of Architecture,The University of Chiba


Kiyoaki Takeda Architects Co.,Ltd

<Professional Affiliations>

First class Architect in Japan




<Business ​Years>




10 million yen (JPY)

<Business discription>

・Planning, investigation for urban and regionl environmental arrangement.

・Architectural design supervision.

・Planning, and design of furniture, prodacts, etc.